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             Kepu Electric Group is located in Zhejiang province of
        China Ningbo City,Yinzhou District,is a collection of
        scientific research,production and sales high technology
        enterprises specializing in the production of inverter,
        servo drive,electric drive products.Company"survive by
        quality,and development"business philosophy;to the user is supreme,prestige first,technology guarantee,quality services for business purposes.to create a bright future with you.
         KP Special servo drive
         KP Permanent magnet servo
         KP90G Elevator special.
         KP20G simple converter
         KP300 elevator controll.
         KP-MJ Elevator door control.
         KP80G Energy device
         Asynchronous servo inverter
         KP-60G X-ray cutting
         Escalator controller
         Servo electric hydraulic.
         Waste heat recovery energy.
         KP Efficient energy-savi.
         Japan Sumitomo pump
         CHINA DELI
        +86574 88233677
        +86574 88239359

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        Address: KEPU Yinzhou industrial Zone, Yinzhou County, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China 315040    
        Tel:+86 0574 8823 3677  Fax:+86 0574 8823 9359   E-mail:twz2005108@163.com

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